Friday, 27 November 2015

Sweeney! (1977)

Director - David Wickes

Big screen debut of the superb British ‘70s police TV series. All the swagger that made the TV show so essential is present and correct with the added bonus of swearing and nudity. Barry Foster plays a corrupt American power broker out to influence an OPEC conference. Collin Welland is an angry journo who has caught whiff of what's going on, while Jack and George (John Thaw and Dennis Waterman) are left to try and figure out a string of murders that will eventually lead them to Foster's door. The whole cast look like they spent the time they're not on screen down the local, Thaw in particular. Wickes is a veteran from the show and directs the whole thing as an extended episode. If you love your gritty London '70s films then this is a must see. 

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